Day 2 – General Session at VMworld

Sanjay Poonen took the stage at General Session on Day 2 at VMworld. He mention that World is going digital.

Digital Healthcare, Digital Tea Estates is even digitalized. VMware’s vision on how to connect all the technologies with VMware Workspace One using windows Client-Server, Web, Mobile connecting to Apple, Google and Microsoft was covered.

He mentioned that VMware Workspace One connects both sides, which brings users and IT together. Users want simplicity and IT want it secure.

He talked about Apps and Identity, Desktop and Mobile and Management and Security.

Live DEMO of how VMware uses the solution was given. He also mentioned that research shows that people take their phone out of their pocket 90 to 100 times a day for 90 to 100 seconds.

Workspace One has been demo’ed with integration and highlighting features of functionality.

He called Stephanie Buscemi Executive VP from SalesForce for the stage. Stephanie demo’ed the Sales Operations from iPhone.

Free license for Workstation and Fusion was given to all attendees during the event.

Ray O’Farrell and Kit Colbert took the stage. Kit spoke about vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon project. Mike Wittig from Nike joined the stage with them.

Rajiv Ramaswami joined the stage and talked about NSX and Cross Cloud Services. He also mentioned avg cost of data breach is $4 Million dollars.

Lastly, Yanbing Li took the stage and talked about VSAN.

All the general session videos can be found here.