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Day 3 – VMworld

On Day 3, I’ve attended breakout sessions and spend sometime at the Solutions Exchange before heading to VMworld Customer Appreciation party.



Every year at VMworld I get my portraits drawings by many artists on the floor. I was happy to have time to be able to get 3 of them this year.



After the Solutions Exchange was over, everyone ended up heading to the bus lines to go to Las Vegas Speedway.



A few photos right before boarding to bus.




Entering the Las Vegas Speedway.



An all the VMware Dream Cars were lined up.

img_0993 img_0994 img_0995 img_0996 img_0997 img_1001 img_1002 img_1005


This was the best of all.



Everyone was at different stations having fun.  Remote Control cars, tricycle racing, food, drinks, pool, photo stations, arcade and on and on.

img_1009 img_1010

img_1013 img_1015



This was an amazing photo shoot and staged perfectly.

img_1020  img_1027 img_1028 img_1029 img_1030 img_1031 img_1032 img_1035 img_1034 img_1038 img_1041img_1039


After all the fun it was time to hit the speedway. My friend Matt Jones and I headed to Speedway and experienced the 118m/hr track ride at least 3 times. It was awesome.

img_1047img_1050 img_1049

img_1054 img_1055img_1057











After the Day 3, it was time for me to head back home. Until next year. Thank you VMware.

img_1066 (more…)

Day 2 – VMworld vExpert Party

Our awesome vCommunity Manager Corey Romero surprised us again with special party to vExperts. We’ve headed to “The Mob Museum” . The Museum presents a bold and authentic view of organized crime’s impact on Las Vegas history, as well as its unique imprint on America and the world.

 img_0941 img_0944img_0942 img_0945 img_0946 img_0947 img_0948

VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger was kind enough to join us at our vExpert party during his busy schedule. We’ve asked many questions to him regarding any topic we needed and got our answers.

img_0949  img_0951 img_0953

Afterwards, I’ve followed my tradition and went to Veeam Party with a few friends.

img_0955  img_0957

Above hanged out with my good friend Jorvin Martinez and Sergey Razin.


Day 2 – VMworld

On Day 2, I’ve decided to visit IOT Experience area.

img_0888 img_0881 img_0882 img_0883 img_0884img_0879

img_0880 img_0878

Solution Exchange floor was always FUN. Below photos are with awesome friends and VMUG Leaders from South Florida VMUG and of course legendary David Davis. On the right Chad Sakac filled EMC booth with his talk.



Finally, I was able to hang out with both of my long time friends Steve Jin (CEO and Founder of DoubleCloud) and Sergey Razin (CTO of SIOS) below throughout the show.

img_0926 img_0929

Day 2 – General Session at VMworld

Sanjay Poonen took the stage at General Session on Day 2 at VMworld. He mention that World is going digital.

Digital Healthcare, Digital Tea Estates is even digitalized. VMware’s vision on how to connect all the technologies with VMware Workspace One using windows Client-Server, Web, Mobile connecting to Apple, Google and Microsoft was covered.

He mentioned that VMware Workspace One connects both sides, which brings users and IT together. Users want simplicity and IT want it secure.

He talked about Apps and Identity, Desktop and Mobile and Management and Security.

Live DEMO of how VMware uses the solution was given. He also mentioned that research shows that people take their phone out of their pocket 90 to 100 times a day for 90 to 100 seconds.

Workspace One has been demo’ed with integration and highlighting features of functionality.

He called Stephanie Buscemi Executive VP from SalesForce for the stage. Stephanie demo’ed the Sales Operations from iPhone.

Free license for Workstation and Fusion was given to all attendees during the event.

Ray O’Farrell and Kit Colbert took the stage. Kit spoke about vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon project. Mike Wittig from Nike joined the stage with them.

Rajiv Ramaswami joined the stage and talked about NSX and Cross Cloud Services. He also mentioned avg cost of data breach is $4 Million dollars.

Lastly, Yanbing Li took the stage and talked about VSAN.

All the general session videos can be found here.

Day 1 – VMworld vExpert Giveaways

Thank you for all the vendors below and their marketing team to give something special to vExperts during VMworld.

Cohesity, Datrium, Docker, Nimble Storage and Catalogic Software.

vmaester-chalice-smallvexpert_pi3img_1131img_0969 img_0968 img_0838

Hanged out with our awesome vCommunity Manager Corey Romero and Duncan Epping.


Day 1 – VMworld

After the General Session, everyone was very excited to be able to go to Solutions Exchange and see what vendors prepared for them.


Here are some of the photos I took during the Solutions Exchange Visit. Some people were also hanging out at the VMUG Lounge, VMCommunity Lounge, vBrownBag talks, Games Area.

 img_0844 img_0864 img_0865 img_0867 img_0868 img_0869 img_0870 img_0871 img_0872  img_0874 img_0892 img_0890img_0875img_0893

After all the breakout sessions, learning and networking, I went to EMC Partner Event with Chad Sakac.


I’ve attended NetApp Customer Appreciation Party with my good friend Steve Jin, Josh Atwell and David Hitz.

img_0902 img_0903

After all, I’ve ended my day at the Nutanix Party and AC/DCShe ROCKED the house.

Day 1 – General Session at VMworld


I was excited as the first year I’ve attended VMworld again. I’ve attended VMworld as Partner, Vendor, Attendee multiple years but this year i am attending as Blogger.

This was one of the perks being a vExpert. My 4th year as vExpert and 1st year as vExpert NSX as well.


I took my seat at the Blogger section and ready to share the news.

General Session is about to start. Take your seats.


Amazing opening started with DJ and theme is be_Tomorrow.



Pat Gelsinger takes the stage with a personal story. He also introduced 21 attendees who have attended all VMworld in the US and gave them lifetime free passes to VMworld.


Pat talked about both public and private cloud is defining our IT requirements for tomorrow. He also mentioned that based on VMware’s research Public, Private and OnPrem statistics. He also highlighted the vSphere being the market leader, VSAN is being a growing business and NSX has 400% growth adoption.

Pat announces Cross-Cloud Architecture with first partner being IBM. Details can be found here.

Multiple live demos and conversation ended with Michael Dell being on the stage.


All the general session videos can be found here.


Day Zero at VMworld

After vBeers last night, day Zero at VMworld is already amazing. Started my day with HOL Workshop. Solutions Exchange is being prepared for 5pm grand opening. It is a small world, I’ve already seen many friends and met new ones only in first day. You also end up meeting people that you know from twitter for many years. Also finding out that same person has a different logo on their shirt. Again, as I said, its just a small world we live in but this is BIG VMworld.




Solutions Exchange at VMworld